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“One could think of feng shui as deeply rooted in myths, but this is what architects have used for centuries before we had building by laws and codes. The art of understanding cosmic forces is so important. I was very impressed by Kartar’s lucid explanations regarding planning with the cosmic energies. As an architect, I appreciated her approach; it was logical and very powerful. Before making a big investment in a property, people usually go to local city agencies to find out information. Why not go a step further and check with Kartar about the cosmic compatibility?”
—Shekar Ganti, Senior Designer Richard Meier & Partners, LLP



“Kartar Diamond is wonderful. Her approach is practical and she really is an expert. The best thing is that the feng shui cures work! I am very happy I consulted with her. My knowledge on the subject is negligible, but I know the cures can only enhance and maximize life’s potential, through our living spaces and the energy around us. I am very thankful to her!”
—Josie Ignacio



“Dr. Roberds and I knew that we needed to address the energy issues in our home. When we searched the available practitioners in our area we were not satisfied and so we went to the Web. We found Kartar Diamond and after reading her qualifications and approach we chose to use her services. She made it so easy for us, even though we live 1,500 miles away. She is always available by phone and of course, by email. We received our report in a timely manner as well as updates each year. Being across the country did not affect the service in the least. She has been just as available to us as if she were down the street.”
—Dr. Allen and Marla Roberds



“Dear Kartar, I wanted to thank you for all your help. Not only did I meet a beautiful man one month after doing the romance remedies, but my overall health has also improved and my business has increased. I seem to be effortless attracting the right type of clientele that are supporting my future career and vision of the healing center. I plan to use your services for the rest of my life, and would not even consider moving to a new space without your consultation. Many blessings to you for doing such powerful, accurate feng shui!”
—Angela Page



“I would like to recommend a truly wonderful practitioner, Kartar Diamond. If I needed to get a reading, I would go to her. I attended her feng shui workshop and she has quite obviously studied with the best. Kartar eloquently and efficiently answered all my pressing questions and finally put my mind to rest about all the contradictory information I’ve encountered while diligently studying feng shui. She obviously has a solid foundation in every school of thought. She also has a very calming nature. She’s great! Her website is great! I love her! Why would I promote a fellow practitioner? I want to recommend the best people I can and feel compelled to share great finds with anyone who shares my passions and interests.”
—Liz Angeles, Santa Monica Observer Weekly



“I wanted to thank you for all the benefits I have received from your analysis of my home and office. Within two months, I doubled my patient volume and in two years have quadrupled my income. My patients tell me the office feels very relaxed.”
—Dr. Lynn Kerew



“Since we started following your advice it has changed the way we live and work. Over the past few years we feel that we have benefited tremendously at our work, our relationship and the way we live. We have remodeled rooms and built a new master bedroom based on your recommendations and we always look forward to our yearly readings. We have more remodeling to do and will continue to consult with you.”
—Jay and Selina Juse



“Since Kartar gave me feng shui recommendations, my business has increased. I honestly feel your services should be considered right along with engineering, architecture, and construction.”
—Vita Schneider, REMAX Realtor



“The Feng Shui is working over time for me and my life is taking off in such a wonderful direction!”
—Karin Walkey