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Kartar Diamond was interviewed by Dr. Hildy Staninger

On September 10, 2014, Kartar Diamond was interviewed by Dr. Hildy Staninger for her One Cell Light Radio Show. Dr. Hildy is doctor of integrative medicine and an Industrial Environmental Toxicologist. Her 2-hour interviewed allowed Kartar to touch on numerous subjects related to Feng Shui and go deeper into explanations about the history of Feng Shui and the different styles of analysis than most other interviews.

PART 1  
PART 2  

Feng Shui in the Workplace with Elana Daley. 1 hr recording.

Elana Daley and Kartar Diamond will be discussing the importance of energy and how it works where you work. Learn from a master of Feng Shui what is necessary. Kartar will dispel myths and generalizations around Feng Shui and simplify the art to distinguish the reality from the hype. You’ll learn how to protect yourself from harmful environments, and incorporate practical solutions. Learn what will work for you and how to implement it at work and at home. Kartar is a best selling author and travels worldwide to provide consulting services. Listen and learn about what she has seen in her experience, gain inspiration, knowledge and practical solutions on how to make your surroundings more conducive to success.

DIY Author Show with host Jana Oliver

Kartar spoke with Jana Oliver as part of her e-book tour for Feng Shui for Skeptics in 2004. In each segment Kartar shares a lot of information about how and why Feng Shui for Skeptics stands out from all other books on the subject. Kartar gives lots of tips and recommendations for house hunting as well as for people who want a deeper understanding of their current homes and businesses. Jana and Kartar cover a lot of ground in explaining to listeners what are the principles behind feng shui as well as the practical application of remedies for residential and commercial spaces. By hearing this interview, listeners get a strong sense of who Kartar Diamond is as a western feng shui master in her own right, after training for many years with an authentic Chinese grandmaster from Hong Kong.

Segment 1 – 18 min.

Segment 2 – 18 min.

Segment 3 – 18 min.

Enlightening Relationships with Carol Allen – 42 min.

In this lively interview, Vedic Astrologer and Relationship Coach Carol Allen asks Kartar many questions about feng shui in regards to relationships. Carol and Kartar have been friends for years and they share many clients in common.

Kartar explains the mechanics of how the personal residence can reveal or cause many relationship scenarios, including a house type where the woman will be in charge or the man might be weak. She gives the coordinates of a specific house type that is bad for marriage as well as one house type that can attract a lot of men to a single woman. In a typically holistic manner, Kartar also discusses how health and money problems can affect relationships too.