A Brief Description of a Fu Talisman by Kartar Diamond

A talisman is any object that has been infused with personal and divine energy to fulfill a stated purpose. The Chinese or Taoist type of talisman is called a “fu” (pronounced like: foo) and is often an inscription on consecrated paper. In Western occult practices, they are called sigils. Through a variety of ritualistic and meditative practices, the fu is charged with intent and then transferred from the person who crafted it to the designated beneficiary.

You can call it a “magic spell” or a lucky charm, but in any case, there is a transcendental component to its power. If everything has meaning and impact, then words and symbols most definitely have an influence. This influence may take flight from one psyche to the other or it may also manifest as a real transmission of energy via other dimensional planes. These are techniques to manipulate time and space in a way that may be regarded as superstitious by some or as an advanced technology by others.

The Purpose in Crafting a Fu
A special bond is created between the person who crafts and charges the fu object and the person who is the beneficiary of its intent. Learning how to create these talismans takes some training. Within many cultures and spiritual paths the rituals or incantations are intended to improve a person’s fate, speed up an outcome, or have the outcome of an event be more in the recipient’s favor. An example would be a fu that is crafted to help the recipient become victorious over some problem that has been plaguing them, such as a legal battle, health issues, struggles with finances, or other human conditions.

How A Fu Talisman Is Made
As if taken from a metaphysical recipe Book of Potions, the fu is created using meaningful symbols, invocations, and supplications to higher dimensional beings, ruling aspects of nature and cosmological forces. Many protocols are taken into consideration, including the materials used like paper or crystals, incense, essential oils, and other natural substances. The astrological timing for crafting and charging the fu is also factored in to be more effective. Ultimately, it is all about the power of the practitioner’s mind and setting up circumstances where it is easier for higher frequencies and higher levels of consciousness to be accessed. The goal is to cut through the “red tape” of time and space and help a person in need, when more mundane methods are not enough or lacking in some way. Similarly, since the beginning of Time, people from every walk of life have utilized the power of prayer; but even the atheist can benefit if they are open minded to laws of physics not yet largely understood. It is essential for the Fu to be charged with a hefty amount of meditation on behalf of the recipient.

Activating a Fu Talisman
Once the fu has been created by the practitioner, they can hand deliver or send the fu through the mail to the recipient. The recipient is then instructed in how to switch on this “charged battery.” The more common types of activation methods can include wearing the fu (such as in a wallet or amulet). Other times it is preferable to place the fu somewhere specific in the house, buried in the ground, or even turned to ashes and dispersed. From the ancient times that the fu talisman tradition comes from, it was even common for the fu (when made of all natural, non-toxic materials) to be activated by eating it!

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