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Overview of School

Thank you for taking an interest in Kartar’s School of Traditional Feng Shui. Please read the outline for the entire program, which caters to every level of personal or professional needs. Don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any unanswered questions.

I have put a tremendous amount of work, thought and love into my curriculum. I enjoy sharing everything I know to be true about Feng Shui as well as challenging what I think is a misrepresentation of it. If Feng Shui is to survive and thrive as a respected metaphysical discipline, we all need to share our findings, discuss honestly the controversies within our industry and raise the standards all around for Feng Shui as a modern-day profession. My goal is to help guide you in your own journey and revelations, and to develop your own authentic identity within this field.

Many consultants are currently practicing hybrid versions of the ancient schools, each of which took a long time to develop. Some people incorporate San He techniques along with San Yuan. Some practice San Yuan with Ba Zhai and various forms of Chinese astrology. “Form” School also means different things to different people. From my training, Form School includes theory about natural landscapes and how the life force energy known as “qi” can be manipulated through both exterior and interior spaces.

I also practice Xuan Kong Fei Xing (Flying Star School). Not all of these styles are contradictory and some actually complement each other very well. My course is designed to give you the most practical applications for 21st century living, using some of the most authentic and ancient techniques.

Teaching Biography

I have had the blessing to instruct many people in Feng Shui since 1992. Most of the classes taught to the public have been beginner’s classes, so I relished the chance to teach and write more advanced material as the years passed and share my experiences with those who want more training and insight. While teaching classes in Southern California to nearly 10,000 of my own students, I also became a senior graduate Instructor with the American Feng Shui Institute and authored three books. Those books are now the foundation for the Beginners and Intermediate Series.

My life prior to Feng Shui studies included being a yoga and meditation instructor, from my late teens and throughout my twenties. I enjoy teaching esoteric topics and giving people tools to help them live to their higher potential.

Over the years I have studied with others besides the founder of the American Feng Shui Institute, Master Larry Sang. I have had the pleasure of taking classes with Masters Joseph Yu, Raymond Lo, Yap Cheng Hai with Joey Yap, Gayle Atherton, Peter Leung, and Heluo Hill for in-depth support in several areas of Chinese metaphysics.

My teaching style has always been a combination of the practical and the experiential. I like to emphasize the aspects of Feng Shui which are common to most people and my conviction is derived from real experience. There are other schools which offer complementary studies, like Chinese Astrology, I-Ching divination or Chinese Face Reading. At this time I am only offering Feng Shui.

There will be no time constraints for any part of the School and your progression. In other words, if it takes you 12 weeks or 12 months or more to get through any part of the program, it will not jeopardize our allotted private mentoring sessions or the ability to progress to the next level when you are ready. This policy is for the benefit of both of us. If you are a busy person, you do not need to be stressed that your allotted time for mentoring has an expiration date. From my end, it will allow me flexibility in my scheduling time to mentor you.

“Feng Shui is a science with many layers of complexity. You present the information with so much clarity.”
––April Buechel, Client

“Your books are written very well with a very compact information delivery, taking into considerations that Feng Shui is a very complex subject. I love your books and use them all the time…The information in your books somehow clarified some gray areas of my learning, where before I was just not quite sure if I understood it right.”
“Your first two books, including your Addendum, have cleared up several questions that I had. Your writing is refreshingly based in scholarship, is very clear and easy to understand and I plan to read The Feng Shui Continuum next.”
—Teresa Martin