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Teaching and Speaking Engagements

Kartar is always receptive to expanding her opportunities for speaking and teaching. Schools, clubs, companies, corporations and private parties are invited to contact Feng Shui Solutions for the speaking dates you have in mind. Kartar is a polished speaker, humorous and topical, having been a repeat guest at many real estate functions, corporate learning programs, bookstores, USC’s Festival of Health, Macys Department Stores, Universal Studios, Xerox Corporation, and the Los Angeles Country Club to name just a few.

She can tailor the talk to as brief as 15 minutes or to a full 3-hour workshop or more. Fees for speaking will vary depending on the audience size and location. Kartar has given presentations on such topics as:

  • Using Feng Shui Knowledge to Improve Your Financial Success
  • Feng Shui in a Corporate Environment
  • Feng Shui Secrets for Love and Romance
  • Easy Ways to Improve Your Health, Stamina and Focus with Feng Shui
  • How to Stimulate the Creative Muse with Feng Shui
  • Feng Shui in the Office
  • Maximizing the Design Phase with Feng Shui
  • How to Use Feng Shui in Real Estate Ventures

Kartar has also expanded her repertoire to include presentations and classes on the topic of Nine Star Ki, which is closely linked in origin to Feng Shui. While Feng Shui teaches us how to be in control of our physical space, Nine Star Ki gives us mastery over time and insight into decision making.