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Feng Shui for Financial Success
Both home and work spaces affect your income potential.


Feng Shui for Better Relationships
Your immediate environment impacts personal and professional interactions.


Feng Shui for Improved Health
Your physical surroundings influence your body, mind and spirit.


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Your Feng Shui Studies and the Five Elements by Kartar Diamond

By | August 6th, 2018|Articles by Kartar, For My On-Line Students|

This article has been written especially for my on-line students as they learn about the Five Elements. Sometimes referred to as the “Five Agents” or the “Five Transformations,” the latter descriptions are intentional, so as to move away from a rigid and exclusively literal interpretation of the “elements.” Everything is [...]

Wu Shu: The Five Chinese Arts by Kartar Diamond

By | July 20th, 2018|Articles by Kartar, Philosophical and Metaphysical Musings|

In the whole of Chinese metaphysics, there are five main categories (Wu Shu) or special skill sets, which address the human condition and are complementary fields to each other.The Five Arts are: mountain, divination, astrology, appearance appraisals and medicine. Let’s briefly define the Five Arts. Mountain: This is in reference [...]


“While her customer service is impeccable, the best part about Kartar is her straight-forward, no-nonsense and thorough consultation.”
---Deborah Durham, Client
“When you came over, my dog had a bad rash all over her body and they started finding new types of tumors under her skin. After I followed your recommendations, her health improved and the tumors vanished.”
---Richmond Tetzlaff, Client
“I appreciate so much your help when I was going through a custody battle. I was declared the sole legal parent of my kids and was able to move back to my hometown. It’s amazing how Feng Shui does change things!”
---Patricia Lane, Client
“Kartar, you always exceed my expectations. I like your design ideas better than the architect’s!”
---Andy Spielman, Client
“Bless you for all your house hunting advice! It was actually fun and very insightful, and now I’m in a great space!”
---D.S. Silver, Client
“Thank you for re-instating my confidence in the authenticity of Feng Shui. I brought you in as a second opinion and will use your services exclusively from now on.”
---M.G., Attorney at Law