Feng Shui and Magic by Kartar Diamond

Feng Shui and Magic by Kartar Diamond

Feng Shui is a metaphysical art, no doubt. But I have also written articles in defense of Feng Shui not being an occult practice, even though it often gets put into the same basket. While Feng Shui mostly operates as a natural science, there are simply some results, cause and effect, which cannot be explained by current scientific standards.

Magic may be slight-of-hand most of the time, but is it ever real? I encounter people all the time who have had experiences which they cannot explain in any mundane way, and this includes circumstances which could not just be written off as coincidence. As well, there are advanced technologies which human kind has mastered in the last 70+ years which most people don’t even know exist. They would most certainly be seen as magic if not explained, such as the anti-gravity apparatus the military has produced. Some of this information is even declassified.

Some feng shui principles correspond perfectly with the latest understanding of parallel universes or dimensions. We are getting confirmation that by bending time and space we can not only time travel, but we can also better understand why placing a physical object in a room can either influence the unseen magnetic field or address an entirely different parallel dimension. The ancients were either outright geniuses and/or coached well by higher beings.

Normally, we don’t want to mix domains as there will be frustrating contradictions. For example, if you have something wrong physically, it may or may not be appropriate to address the physical problem psychologically. And yet, that might cut through the core to treat the cause and not just the symptom. We might have a 3rd dimension problem, which needs to be dealt with in another dimension.

Can we change our DNA? As citizens of Earth, we are sometimes introduced to new concepts, not just for the concept at face value, but to also usher in another reality option. Some people feel that the emergence of transgenderism is a prelude to trans-humanism. And on that note, many ancient Feng Shui principles may just be preparing us for conscious interaction with other dimensions.

In the same way that a caveman might have thought a cell phone was a magic box, or when UFO’s from Biblical times were interpreted as angels from heaven, we can agree that some Feng Shui principles are just not understood yet, or universally appreciated, in current times. Qi may be invisible to most, but a small segment of the population can see it, hear it, and feel it.

There are many Schools of Feng Shui and some were used in times past to control people on a much larger scale. Up until very recently in world history, most people were poor and only the “1%” elite had access to Feng Shui masters. Instead of the individual Feng Shui expert helping someone with personal finances or to resolve a health issue, the Feng Shui master from long ago may have been working for the government and directly involved in controlling the weather, battle strategies and other forms of “wizardry” and magic if you will, fully embraced by the Emperor. Before learning feng shui, my main metaphysical background was in the yogic traditions. Did you know that you can hypnotize an entire army with a large enough gong played?

Even today, there are a few feng shui teachers who are willing to share with their students some powerful formulas for controlling other people’s minds, hearts, and behaviors.
But is this what we really want to do in the name of Feng Shui? Do I really want to cast a spell on another person, without their permission, so that they appease my client in a number of ways? As much as I want to help people and influence their progress, I don’t want to interfere with their destiny or play God. Frankly, I haven’t had much interest in learning some Feng Shui applications because I just can’t differentiate them from the type of behavior associated with occult-like magic. These are techniques which I don’t want to take personal responsibility for.

If I can help you, through your physical surroundings, to attract more good things in your life, through traditional Feng Shui techniques, great! But I am not going to give out instructions for casting a spell on another person. And anyone practicing Feng Shui professionally should take a good, hard look at some of the more obscure practices, that are growing in popularity, with great care. Be careful and conscientious, so that you do not create more karma for your client. This is advice I would give to myself as well.

Author: Kartar Diamond
Company: Feng Shui Solutions ®
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