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Feng Shui analysis includes the timing of when to use certain remedies, not just what to use and where. In my consultations I routinely determine what kinds of long term remedies should be installed as well as annual remedies. What is a remedy? A remedy can be a color or item of décor in a room that represents one of the five elements (water, wood, fire, earth, or metal.) A remedy can also be a recommendation on where to position a piece of furniture like a desk or bed and that placement is usually a long term recommendation based on the best qi flow for the room as well as the person’s best personal directions.

Aside from the semi-permanent and annual cycles, there are monthly cycles as well. Examples of doing monthly remedies or noting monthly cycles includes helping clients with fertility issues, remodeling concerns, surgery recovery, sending out resumes, putting a house on the market, traveling, protecting against accidents or break-ins, and a whole host of other circumstances that can be a focal point more in some months than others. In fact, when the yearly energy in a house or business does not support a certain goal, there might be a window of time, in terms of better months, to accomplish something without any negative fall-out. There are even daily cycles to tap into, with Feng Shui remedies to apply in certain areas of the floor plan on those special days.

In the complementary field of Chinese astrology, February is always the Month of the Tiger. Each month is associated with the one of the twelve Chinese zodiac signs and each person has a relationship with that sign. I give each client their Lu Cun Lucky Money Days, associated with one of the Chinese zodiac signs, although it is usually NOT the person’s own zodiac sign. In a general way, your Lu Cun Lucky Money Month could be your best month to make a big financial decision or risk. For example, if your Lucky Money Days are Tiger Days, then the Tiger Month of the February can also be an especially positive month for you.

February is Tiger, March is Rabbit, April is Dragon, May is Snake, June is Horse, July is Sheep, August is Monkey, September is Rooster, October is Dog, November is Pig, December is Rat, and January is Ox. These monthly cycles do not begin on the first of each month according to the Western calendar however. They start closer to the second week of each month in our Western Calendar. The Chinese have something called the “10,000 Year Calendar” which is not literally 10,000 years, but it is considered a major 100+ year calendar with advice for doing or not doing certain activities on certain days.

A complementary field to Feng Shui is Nine Star Ki, which focuses on both yearly and monthly cycles combined. These are not the feng shui cycles of a house, but rather the personal cycles we all go through, and which repeat every nine years and also repeat every nine months. When comparing these personal Nine Star Ki cycles with the feng shui, we can get an even clearer picture and projection for events and circumstances, best and worst timing for any goal or project.

Nine Star Ki can also delve into predictions for world events and some of that insight comes just from the “center luo shu,” which is also referred to as the luo shu (pronounced like ‘low shoe’) trend. We say “trend” because there is a trend or tendency for something to happen, but Nine Star Ki does not rule every facet of our individual or collective destinies.

For example, the 1 star is in the center position for 2017. The 1 star is related to water, so we can predict that there will be noteworthy “water-related” events in 2017. This can include the hurricanes, the flooding, (volcanic eruption since that is flowing liquid fire) and even complications that are related to water such as the shipping industry or U.S. Federal government rescue supply ships not being able to easily unload in the harbors of Puerto Rico.

For 2018, the luo shu trend will have an annual 9 star in the center. This is very intense energy and is also symbolic of aviation, fire, bombs, big revelations and secrets revealed, as well as representing the pharmaceutical and oil industries.

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