Feng Shui Thirty Years From Now by Kartar Diamond

Feng Shui Thirty Years From Now by Kartar Diamond

Those who practice the Flying Star School of Feng Shui know that the influence of a house or building will change slowly over time. With no physical changes, no remodels, and regardless of who occupies the space, structures go through Periods or cycles where the influence of the space shifts like cogs in a wheel. Like the life cycle of a human being, going from infancy, to childhood, through adolescence, adulthood, middle age and old-age, the structure will have its own cycle of being more positive or negative, more yin versus yang.

For example, the unseen 5 star in a House built in 1960 would have encouraged wealth and health back in that Period 5 it was built in. However, now the same house will have that same permanent 5 star in the same location, but it could undermine health and wealth if not adjusted with a feng shui remedy. In contrast, back in Period 5, the 8 star could have wielded some undermining influences wherever it was located in a structure, but now in Period 8 it is the “Wang” Star, the strongest for health and wealth.

So, when it comes to the long term recommendations that I make as a consultant, I often think way out, 20-30 years in terms of determining if I would recommend a place long term. This consideration comes up frequently for house hunters. Is my client going to live there for only a few years? Or do they want to settle in for 20+ years? Are they going to build a house now in Period 8 that will also be good in Period 9, which is from 2024-2044?

I am currently working with a client who is doing a tear down and rebuilding a house with an existing pool to the northeast of where the house currently stands and also likely where the new house will be positioned. In Period 8, our current times, having a large body of water to the northeast can be undermining for financial luck. I discussed this with the client because we have 7 more years until Period 9 kicks in.

Should he scrap the pool? Move it? Or should he leave it as is, knowing that it will not become a neutral location for outside water until 2024? Specific to his project, this large home will take several years to build and there is no permit yet, which also takes time to approve. This client has the luxury of living in several houses and will not have to move in until a couple years before the Period shifts. He may be willing to “take the risk” that the pool could be undermining for a couple years, but then not at all for the rest of his life in that new house.

This is how and why some of these decisions are made, based on what will happen in the near or even distant future. I’m reminded of my practice in 2003 when many clients wanted to know if they should hurry up and build before 2004 when Period 8 started, or we may have determined that the same floor plan, same orientation, but built in Period 8 would become a better house.

Some clients even build with the intention of passing the house down to family members and wanting the feng shui to be as good as possible for many decades. This is entirely possible with enough planning and advanced Feng Shui skills. We take into consideration not just the house position, but also how the immediate exterior environment, natural and man-made, and land levels will also interact with the built structure. And to debunk one of the most enduring feng shui myths: there is no such thing as a lucky or unlucky direction that a house can face. The luck of a house for its occupants relies on numerous factors, not just one aspect.

Author: Kartar Diamond
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