Feng Shui Tips for Businesses by Kartar Diamond

Feng Shui Tips for Businesses by Kartar Diamond

The following article is an excerpt from my ebook, Feng Shui Tips for Businesses


Most businesses that employ a Feng Shui consultant are primarily interested in increasing profits and, to a lesser extent, improving relations with co-workers. These mystical techniques have been historically associated a wide range of human experiences and circumstances, including influencing wealth. A business that makes many bad decisions and risks may not be able to overcome their mistakes with improved Feng Shui alone. These non-obvious influences usually account for about 20-30% of the total influences. Think of Feng Shui as a complement to other common sense best business practices.

Banking and real estate can have a huge influence on other businesses all over the world, so we know that many industries are dependent on each other. This can transcend any one company’s Feng Shui influences, but of course we do whatever we have control over.

Good Will

Some businesses can function well without interacting much with the public or other businesses. But a big part of being successful usually involves generating and maintaining good will amongst vendors, wholesalers, neighbors, customers and clients. In this context I will refer to a customer as a one time or occasional purchaser of the products and services, while even being able to maintain some anonymity. A client is someone who the business works with more than once and the products or services might be more tailored to that client. A patient in a doctor’s office receives treatment specific to their unique needs, as opposed to an anonymous customer purchasing an item in a store.

Good will can be created in a number of ways, such as providing excellent service, follow-up, or making right any problem that might arise. But good will can also be created using non-obvious Feng Shui techniques. For example, each person has a particular direction they can use which helps create the feeling of trust and harmony in their relationships.

A man born in 1960 is the Xun (Shoon) Trigram and for him to sit at work facing east, is one way he can garner the energy that will make him more trustworthy and likable in the eyes of those who deal with him. This is very much about the laws of attraction and when a person enters their place of business through their “Public Harmony” direction, they can create good will in their personal and professional lives.

Just sitting in a good personal direction can make someone more of a magnet for luck and opportunity. Information regarding personal best directions, based on birth year, is a big part of remedies dispensed in my second book, The Feng Shui Matrix. A theme which runs throughout that book is that in order to achieve some of your goals, you need to remove the obstacles as much as focusing on the exact goal. For example, there are remedies to help you make more money and be a magnet for more prosperity. But you also want to reduce things which could undermine your ability to save or keep the money you make.

When you want to be successful in business, you also know that if people like you and trust you that these personal features could be all that distinguishes your product or service from some other company that is just a competent.

Staff Harmony

Staff harmony is also crucial to the success of a business and it doesn’t take a Feng Shui consultant saying that to make this obvious. When the staff is happy, it can be felt by the customers and clients. And when the staff is happy, there is less of a turnover, turmoil or power struggles within the company. All departments run smoother when people respect each other, get along, and have the kind of organization that naturally flows when people honor and utilize each others’ strengths.

Harmony amongst employees and staff can be created using principles which apply to virtually everyone, as well as tailoring the environment to better suit the people who work there. As an example, if one person works in a windowless room that feels like a dungeon, they could easily get depressed and probably resent those who have nicer offices. By creating a positive environment for everyone and every office, the holistic effect should be palpable and everyone benefits.

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