Ground breaking and Feng Shui by Kartar Diamond

Ground breaking and Feng Shui by Kartar Diamond

We have an expression in our own Western culture: “ground-breaking.” It refers to something momentous, brand new, significant, and capable of changing the way we think, behave, respond, or create in the future. A “ground breaking” scientific discovery can lead to the cure of a specific disease and forever alter scientific research thereafter.

A “ground breaking” musical performance or artistic achievement can lead the way for variations on a new trend or open doors for like-minded people who needed such a catalyst or leader to precede them.

In a more literal sense, we still use the words “ground breaking” to refer to the beginning of a construction project. The day we “break ground” is the day the first shovel or tractor comes in to move the earth. So, how did the literal action of moving dirt take on the metaphorical connotation of important change? This is actually a major feng shui concept at its core. Both primitive and evolved cultures have historically tracked the seasons and the climate, created calendars, established farming schedules according to the cycles of the moon and we have basically looked to nature for the timing of many important activities and rites of passage.

The power of the earth, combined with the timing of nature is understood organically by people of all backgrounds. Buildings are an extension of the earth and literally made of earthen materials, such as stone and concrete. We have made our homes in caves and we have built tall virtual mountains called “skyscrapers.” Even the biblical saying “from dust to dust” reminds people of our connection with the earth.

When the rays of sun hit the ground (or the concrete foundation of a house being built), it establishes a connection between earth and sky (heaven.) Feng Shui practitioners like to quote Sir Winston Churchill, who said, “We shape our buildings and then they shape us.”

The timing of when we alter or move the earth can have an enduring affect on the people who inhabit that area or that structure for many years to come. This is why so many people refer to the Chinese Almanac and feng shui calculations for the best time to begin a construction as well as when to specifically avoid the beginning of a construction.Like other popular expressions, such as “going with the flow” or “setting the tone,” the words “ground-breaking” have their origin steeped in metaphysical awareness.

Like pole magnetism, each year there are opposing directions which hold a certain tension against each other. When those areas are disturbed through digging, ground break and construction, it can set in motion some negative fall-out. This can include accidents or delays.

For example, in 2017 (and again in 2023), the directions of east and west will be rather precarious for construction. Whether it is digging in that direction (in relation to the center of the house), or building a new structure that “sits” (back) to west or east, these are directions which are better left alone. That is not always practical or possible, so in Feng Shui we have certain “escape routes” to avoid the negative fall-out. If starting a project in a bad year, we can compensate by starting the project in a good month, a good day, and even a good hour.

There are also some other applications which would be partly based on the birth year of the owner of the house or building. Every year there are different directions to be aware of and to avoid digging in if possible. And every year there are also some lucky directions to dig in also.

Author: Kartar Diamond
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