Do Wealthy People Need Feng Shui Advice? by Kartar Diamond

Do Wealthy People Need Feng Shui Advice? by Kartar Diamond

Wealth and financial success are relative terms. And when it comes to whether or not wealthy people need the additional input from a Feng Shui advisor, let us first discuss some important concepts.

If it is not in someone’s destiny to accumulate “Warren Buffet Wealth”, then no amount of advice is going catapult a person into that level of affluence. People are born with a certain destiny and the environment in which someone lives and works can enhance or undermine it. Feng Shui deals with the physical surroundings which can help or hamper, both long term or for short term.

In fact, a fair question to ask would be, “How come my Feng Shui master is not extremely wealthy?” This might be on par with why true psychics do not play the lottery. We all have a destiny and those usual boundaries can only deviate just so much from other worldly forces or from some small amount of free will we may have.

Of course, you do expect to see any coach or advisor walk their talk. You want your Professional Organizer to be organized herself. You may want your Love Coach to be happily married. And you definitely want your stock broker to be making good investments for himself too. But each of us has our own destiny and the influence of Feng Shui comes in at about 20% of the overall picture.

When a wealthy person seeks my counsel, they may be frustrated with their current business dealings and feel that their potential is being hampered, even when it exceeds 10,000 times what the average person’s income may be. It is all a relative experience and wealthy individuals can have set-backs, delays and financial struggles just on a larger and more dramatic scale.

Contrary to the popular expression, there really is no such thing as a house which is “good for money.” We practitioners sometimes use that phrase as a truncated way of saying that the energies of the house will support opportunities, progressive movement, creativity, entrepreneurship and a whole variety of positive attributes which eventually manifest as being “good for money.” Likewise, there is no such thing as a house that is “bad” for money, even though the phrase “Reversed House” is used frequently in the classical community to describe a house which can undermine financial “luck” or rather, opportunities. No matter what kind of house one lives in, the person still needs to step outside their door and make their own conscious efforts to win and be successful.

Wealthy people may also request input, like anyone else, on matters related to health, well-being, legal issues, fertility, fidelity and a whole array of issues that can directly or indirectly affect the career, or have nothing to do with career at all. With wealth being a relative term, some people are elated to see their income go up 10 or 20% after having made adjustments to their home or business. Expectations play a role in whether or not a person is satisfied with the results.

Generally speaking, people who do not feel any “lack” in the Universe, will have more prosperity consciousness. If you can believe that you are entitled to live gracefully, while not taking away anything from another individual, and that the Universe can provide for all, you are more likely to generate the prosperity consciousness needed to both attain AND maintain financial success.

How I help someone increase their prosperity potential in the context of a Feng Shui audit includes measures to balance the unseen magnetic field both within and outside a dwelling and to help align the individual in their most favorable personal directions as well. Timing is a factor, and when you can take advantage of good timing, you can truly be the right person, in the right place, and at the right time for opportunities to flow.

Author: Kartar Diamond
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