Plans to Help You Succeed by Kartar Diamond

Plans to Help You Succeed by Kartar Diamond

I originally created Kartar’s School of Traditional Feng Shui, as a comprehensive program and continue to aim for it to be one of the best feng shui learning experiences any student could have. It is currently a combination of voluminous self-study reading, private one-on-one mentoring via skype, phone or email, and rigorous testing to make sure that each student understands all of the material and can pass the exams with flying colors. This is all so that your eventual certification from Kartar’s School will mean something and you will be able to demonstrate and benefit from your superior training.

There are actually feng shui schools that provide certification without testing their students! Without testing, the instructor has no way of knowing if the student really understands the material. It is one thing to answer questions a student has, but what about the questions they DON’T ask because the students assume they understand something, which they actually do not.

While I had the benefit of studying in-person with several Feng Shui masters, in current times there is not such a huge demand for in-person classes and the few circulating the planet can be quite expensive and/or not able to address your unique needs. And yet, your confidential one-on-one training can be even more thorough and personalized. Part of my School specifically aims to bypass obstacles that can occur in group classes, although I understand that any on-line program could feel isolating at times. That is exactly why on-line discussion forums came into being. I am not at the moment prepared to set up and monitor an on-line forum, but that could eventually be added.

For all current and future students I want to help you pace yourself and set goals for each module of the program. I am also contemplating sending students sample test questions after each chapter they read. Sound like a good idea? On that note, I am happy to receive any feedback or suggestions.

To get the ball rolling, I decided to create a Newsletter just for my students. Some of you may already be subscribing to the Time & Space Newsletter, but the School newsletter is going to be just for students, their needs and interests. I will email it out to you personally and also archive it on my Blog in the category named FOR MY ON-LINE STUDENTS. I am not yet going to commit to a defined number of newsletters per year, but I have an idea there will be plenty to write about for the School’s newsletter.

Blessings to you all,
Kartar Diamond

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