Changing the Period of a House, Part 2 by Kartar Diamond

In the Part 1 article, I mentioned that the usual way for the Period of a house to change. If the house undergoes a massive remodel that includes the roof and ceiling being removed, then the original energy can easily escape the house, and the new energy can come in.

Now, we have 20 Year Eras in which a house can capture and maintain a certain “Period” chart. There is a chance that a house which undergoes a massive remodel might regain the same Period chart and that would be if the massive changes took place within the same Construction Period. For example, if a house was built in 1964, that was our last Period 6.

The last Period 6 was from 1964 to 1984. If the house caught fire and sustained major damage before Period 6 ended, with the fire destroying the roof and ceiling, then the same Period chart would be created after repairs. It could happen.

If this theoretical house was built in 1964 and burned up in 1980, the owners could rebuild the same interior lay-out or do a different lay-out and the flying star chart would be the same, as long as the orientation remained the same as well.

There can be exceptions to the rule, such as a house filling up with water, where the roof and ceiling are not destroyed. With flooding brought on by a hurricane or tsunami, a house filled with water will “choke” the qi and a new energy will have to come in when the water is removed. Likewise, if a house sustains major smoke damage on all the walls and it needs to be taken down to the framing, this could also qualify as a new chart to be created. Once again, it would only be a totally new chart if the original Construction Period had already passed.

A house can be moved from one location to another and a new chart will likely be created. In this example, we have two variables to consider: one is the timing of the move and the other is the placement. There are 144 different house types, so it would be less likely that a house would be moved within its Construction Period and then put down on a new piece of land facing the exact same direction as the previous location. Statistically not likely, buy it could happen! Houses that are moved are often split in half and slowly driven down wide streets late at night in order to accomplish this act of moving a house.

Now, there are also some “esoteric” notions regarding changing the Period of a house that do not involved major renovation or moving. Some of these notions do not make sense to me, but they are out there being taught in the world of Feng Shui. One notion is that an occupant can move out for three months, completely empty the house and then move back in.

I don’t believe that will change the period and/or flying star chart, but as a student learning Feng Shui, I want you to be exposed to other schools and theories. Another practice was popularized by a famous Feng Shui personality from Singapore. He said you could remove three roof tiles from a house and change the Period. This one is also bizarre to me.

The same Feng Shui personality also claimed that you could tilt a door, change the orientation of the house and therefor change the flying star chart for the house. Tilting a door could actually re-direct the qi flow into a house. But I doubt it can change the flying star chart. “Tilting” refers to changing the angle of the door frame and door from its original position.

We actually determine the chart for a house based on its sitting side, so changing anything about the facing side, the front door or any other feature, would not change the Period of the house according to the majority of Feng Shui teachers and masters who I have encountered.

That said, I still like to reserve a little corner in my mind for the possibility that “anything is possible.” In nearly thirty years of Feng shui practice, I have never heard of anyone successfully tilting their door in order to accomplish this goal and I have never read of any compelling “before” and “after” experiences regarding these unconventional ways to change the Period of a house.

Feng Shui practitioners have an obligation to test the theories without prejudice and see what works and what doesn’t work. We should not just be passing along superstitions or faulty notions.

Author: Kartar Diamond
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