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More Frequently Asked Feng Shui Update Questions by Kartar Diamond

This “Part 2” article features common update questions and begins with how live plants are treated.

The Wood Element is best represented by a live plant and there is also a pdf file with examples of the Wood Element on my FOR CLIENTS page. The understandable question is “How could a live plant ever be […]

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Frequently Asked Feng Shui Update Questions by Kartar Diamond

Every year I field similar follow-up questions from clients after they have received their yearly update report. This article will highlight some of the more popular questions.

When should I make the annual changes to my home or business?
Every year I provide a live link in the report to my article about how the Feng […]

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Feng Shui Emergencies by Kartar Diamond

Often I get calls from prospective clients, who want their initial Feng Shui assessment done ASAP. Things may have been going badly in their lives for a long period of time. But once the decision has been made to investigate the relationship between Feng Shui and what is actually happening in a person’s life, […]

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Feng Shui and Personal Security by Kartar Diamond

Did you know that a house built in the 1950’s which faces west is vulnerable to break-in, more so than some other houses? How could this be? According to the metaphysical practice known as feng shui, laws of time and space can be calculated in relation to the direction and timing of any […]

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The Art of Moving House by Kartar Diamond

A lot of emphasis has been made in educating the public about what constitutes a good or bad feng shui house. But once the house has been selected, there are feng shui guidelines for how and when to make the move itself.

• Before the move, the house must be thoroughly cleaned. (All surfaces). It […]

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Examples of Bad Feng Shui by Kartar Diamond

Firstly, we have to define Feng Shui and then we can pour over some examples of “bad” environments which can undermine a person’s health and well-being. Feng Shui is the art and science of interpreting how we are influenced by both our natural and man-made surroundings. The list of “bad” attributes or undesirable circumstances […]

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Can Feng Shui Help Someone Who Does Not Believe In It? By Kartar Diamond

In the same way that the human race has been experiencing the affects of gravity before we even understood what gravity is, all people and animals on this planet experience Feng Shui whether they know it or not. And as an extension of that, a person who does not believe in the principles […]

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Feng Shui Consumer Tip Guide by Kartar Diamond

As a potential Feng Shui client, you should be aware of what you are entitled to receive in an evaluation of your home or business. You may be interviewing a number of feng shui practitioners and I have provided you with a list of questions which are appropriate to ask of the feng […]

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Feng Shui and the Holidays by Kartar Diamond

By now, many casual readers are familiar with the concept of Feng Shui, the ancient Chinese practice of discerning how you are affected by your surroundings. Commercial and residential structures enclose energies which were created at the time they were built and can have an enduring predicable influence on occupants. That influence can […]

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Space Clearing Procedures by Kartar Diamond

People often feel a need to do space clearing rituals when the house (or business) feels stagnant, when there has been something upsetting going and it’s lingering in the atmosphere, or just to keep the energy of a space uplifted. Occasionally people do space clearing techniques to rid the property of ghosts.

1. Physically clean, […]

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