Feng Shui And Creativity by Kartar Diamond

The ancient practice of feng shui originated in China, but affects every living being, much like gravity. As a metaphysical art form, feng shui is a vast body of theories and techniques for improving the quality of life. Health, finances and relationships are all influenced by where you live and work and feng shui reveals that on a level which most people are not aware of.

One area of life and livelihood that is extremely important to many people is their creative potential. Writers, actors, artists, musicians, and many creative people in the entertainment industry, food or fashion industries can all benefit from feng shui remedies designed to heighten creative potential or enhance the inherent creative areas that already exist in their house.

The key is how to identify where those creative areas are and then utilize those areas of your floor plan. I once had a client whose home revealed that the most creative area landed in her master bathroom. This is usually considered a waste of good space, which is why feng shui can be so powerful in the design phase. If someone knew in advance where the best areas of their home would be located, they could build the house to make sure the bedrooms, home office and main entrance landed in the good areas and not wasted on rooms that one hardly uses.

With the client whose major creative area landed in her bathroom, I began to explain how that was not so desirable, but she assured me that she actually got most of her ideas for screenplays while soaking in her tub!

Every house has a couple of locations that can be enhanced to stimulate creativity. Feng shui remedies often employ design and décor features, with water being one of the most powerful natural elements to add to the right location. This is why feng shui adherents love water fountains and aquariums. As well, there are some house types that naturally attract creative people. For example, houses built between1924-1944 are called “Period 4” houses and that Era of construction contains many house types that are great for creative people.

One only needs to look at certain sections of Los Angeles that are filled with homes from this Era (West Hollywood, Hollywood, Beverly Hills) to see that people often match their homes. I use this area as an example because I’ve had hundreds of clients just in this area alone. Equally, some of the major buildings in downtown L.A. which house the fashion industry, like the Fashion Mart and Cooper Building are also Period 4 structures.

As well, some of the major studios have older structures on the lot from this Era called Period 4. It is not just older buildings which support creative ventures. As one example, at Fox Studios there are some buildings which face southwest and built between 1984-2004. Those buildings also have this “4” energy in the very center, which means the buildings can support creative ventures.

The “4 star” is not to be understood literally as the number 4 or part of an address. In fact, there is a cultural prejudice against the number 4 in Chinese society because the pronunciation for the word “4” in Mandarin sounds a lot like their word for death. Instead, I am referring to the “4 star” as code for certain unseen calculated energies, in the same way that we can refer to water as “H2O.” There are other ways to enhance creativity with Feng Shui principles, even if you don’t live or work in one of these special house types. One of the beauties of Feng Shui is that there are usually multiple ways to approach a goal or enhance a space.

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